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Cold Weather Safety Tips

As temperatures turn colder, make sure to adjust routines for your pets. Even pets that spend more time outdoors during warmer weather should have limited time outside in cold weather, especially in temperatures below 45 degrees farenheit. Limit walks and outdoor playtime. Senior pets and pets with arthritis should not be excercised in extremely cold temperatures. Know the signs of hypothermia. Shivering, pale gums, lethargy, and confusion can all be signs of hypotyhermia. If you think your pet is suffering from hypothermia, contact your regular vet or the nearest emergency vet immediately. Avoid walking your dog through icy water as it can form ice crystals in the paw pads and cause frostbite. Clean paws with a warm, damp cloth after coming in from outdoor activities as ice melt products left on the paw pads can cause irritation, skin burns, and can be harmful if ingested. Be vigilant around vehicles and watch for antifreeze spills. Antifreeze has a sweet scent that is attractive to dogs and cats and is toxic if ingested. If you park your vehicle outdoors, knock on the hood before starting your engine as outdoor cats and other animals like to climb into the engine compartment for warmth to escape cold temperatures. With the use of space heaters indoors, and occassionally fireplaces in use in the home, be vigilant of pets to avoid burns and a potential house fire. 

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