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Pet Dental Health Month

January 28, 2016

February has been declared "Pet Dental Health Month".
Did you know that 80% of all pets that walk into a veterinary clinic are suffering from some degree of dental disease? Did you know that advanced dental disease in dogs and cats can lead to heart disease, kidney disease as well as tooth loss? Loose teeth are not only painful to your pet but also a direct source of systemic infection. Bad breath if often a warning sign of dental disease in pets.
During the month of February, we will be extending a $20 discount to the cost of a dental cleaning to encourage people to have their pet's teeth cleaned. Please consider having this done for your pet - you may improve the quality and length of your friend's life. Just give us a call at 217-787-9730 and the receptionist will assist you. Or you can visit our website at www.brewervet.com and enter your pet portal and request an appointment there.

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